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We finally launched Zenply and we are looking for early adopters who want to participate in the Zenply Simple CRM project. If you want a Free 6-Month License.! Enter your email!

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What is Zenply

Zenply.io is a Commercial Management Platform


Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Profitability Advisor and After Sales Support

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Zenply Marketing

Description of the Marketing Module of Zenply

Plans and Prices

Early Adopter

$0 /mo

Free 6-month license, theres only 15 invitations available
2 Users
100 MB Storage
0 Phone Number
Anual Update
Shared Machine
5 Reports
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$59 /mo

1 month FREE trial
2 Users
600 MB Storage
1 Phone Number
Anual Update
Shared Machine
5 Reports
Básic Support Package


$799 /mo

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10 Users
10 Gb Storage
10 Phone Number
Quarter Update
Your Own Machine
25 Reports
Medium Support Package


Plan /mo

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Over 100 Users
Over 1 Tb Storage
Over 100 Phones Numbers
Every ReleaseUpdate
Arquitechture Agreement
All the Available Reports
Advanced Support Package

Features See The Full Functionality Video

Customer Persona

Consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better!

Product Mix

Create new products, integrate with others, merge, divide, develop services, reflect what you really market.

Segments and Campaigns

Identify the factors that stand out in each of your customers and make differentiated offers for specific segments.

Sales Funnel

Move your potential customers through your sales process, measure the effectiveness of your actions and manage the changes that are required to improve.!

Tickets or Cases Management

Manage your Customers problems or claims in the best possible way, focused on the experience and ensuring his satisfaction.

Profitability Advisor

When negotiating, the profitability advisor lets you know which agreement is the best, based on the objectives defined by your organization.

Activity Planning

Keep your tasks up to date, assign activities and follow up on the actions that your salespeople carry out day by day.

Call Management

Receive your customers' calls directly on the platform, view the available information and make the call a memorable experience.

Documents Management

Upload, share and manage your documents on the platform, always have them available from any location.

Performance and Analytics

All your reports in real time, the information you need to analyze online. In addition to the Google suite integration, you can know the impact it causes with your campaigns and much more.

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